How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

From Nurse to Multifamily Syndications with Savannah Arroyo

September 10, 2021 Sam Wilson Episode 285
How to Scale Commercial Real Estate
From Nurse to Multifamily Syndications with Savannah Arroyo
Show Notes

Have you heard of the known Net Worth Nurse?  In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into them!  Savannah Arroyo was drawn to multifamily syndications due to the many similarities to her career in nursing.  The ability to problem solve and effectively communicate brings her so much fulfillment.  At Willow Investment Group, Savannah strives to do business with the highest level of real estate professionals.  They seek out investment opportunities to provide the most optimal returns for their investors.

[00:01 - 03:00] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know today’s guest, Savannah Arroyo
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Leadership Roles, and a Real Estate Career
  • How Pregnancy Opened the Door to Savannah’s REI Career

[03:01 - 19:45] From Nurse to Multifamily Syndications 

  • The BRRRR Method Strategy and 2 Single-Family Homes
  • Savannah shares the process of her deal as a GP
  • Investing in a coaching program with her husband
  • The Key to Organizing your Real Estate Investing
  • Not too Personal: Genuine Capital Raising Outside of Family and Friends
  • Why Savannah recommends connecting with people 
  • Savannah’s Biggest Advice

[19:46 - 22:40] Final Four Segment

  • What Savannah would invest in with only $20,000 
    • Coaching program
  • How Savannah would help in a real estate mistake
    • Partnering with people out of desperation
  • Savannah’s way to make the world a better place
    • Educating nurses
  • Reach out to our guest - see links below 
  • Final words

Resources Mentioned

Tweetable Quotes

“That foundation of the ‘why’ really gives us the motivation to grind at night.” - Savannah Arroyo

“Raising capital is a piece of gaining trust with people.” - Savannah Arroyo

“Reach out to people who are doing what you want to be doing.” - Savannah Arroyo


Connect with Savannah Arroyo through [email protected] and LinkedIn.  Visit her website and explore the vast opportunities nurses can gain in real estate.

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I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify a strategy and provide solid predictable returns.  



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