How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Scaling a Team and 900 Units in One Year with Logan Freeman

September 06, 2021 Sam Wilson Episode 281
How to Scale Commercial Real Estate
Scaling a Team and 900 Units in One Year with Logan Freeman
Show Notes

How will you scale your team with technology taking over?  In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into them!  Logan Freeman the Key Principal, Co-founder, and Chief Development Officer of FTW Investments.  He oversees the company’s acquisitions and investment strategies and he also personally selects all key investment markets and asset classes to meet the goals of investors.  Apart from FTW, Logan was the Director of Acquisitions for a fund where he originated the concept of the operating plan and created the company’s products worth over $50 million dollars.  Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, Logan was an All-America Collegian Football athlete at the University of Central Missouri where he graduated in 2013 and after his finals year, was picked up and drafted by a free agent by the Oakland Raiders. 

[00:01 - 06:14] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know today’s guest, Logan Freeman
  • Learning to work and work hard in a small city at 14
  • Sports, college, coaches, and goals

[06:15 - 17:29] Scaling a Team and 900 Units in One Year

  • How Logan entered the multi-family space
  • Finding a big opportunity amidst the pandemic
  • How to Scale with Technology
  • Understanding the Right Technology to Utilize

[17:30 - 26:29] Leveraging in People and Technology

  • How not to work manually
  • Things don’t come cheap and as easy as you think
  • Why you need to have leverage in people and technology
  • Doing what you’re good at and not working solo

[26:30 - 31:08] Final Four Segment

  • What Logan would invest in with only $20,000 
    • Getting to know people who are higher in the same market
  • How Logan would help in a real estate mistake
    • “Do not try to do everything in this business.”
  • Logan’s way to make the world a better place
    • Helping the homeless and hungry
  • Reach out to our guest - see links below 
  • Final words

Resources Mentioned

Tweetable Quotes

“Try to do it the right way the first time.” - Logan Freeman

“If you are in the business of raising capital, you have to be able to do it in a way that does not take your manual time.” - Logan Freeman

“Where energy goes, focus flows.” - Logan Freeman


Connect with Logan Freeman through [email protected] and LinkedIn.  Visit his website and get the best advice to manage your business with the latest technology. 

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I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify a strategy and provide solid predictable returns.  



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