How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

D.I.S.C. Profiles & Scaling a Team with Adam Buttorf

September 03, 2021 Sam Wilson Episode 278
How to Scale Commercial Real Estate
D.I.S.C. Profiles & Scaling a Team with Adam Buttorf
Show Notes

How do you build trust in your team?  In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into them!  Adam Buttorf is a two-time bestselling author.  He is a business coach and trainer.  He owns a roofing company, a real estate company, and a coaching company.  He has proven success by reaching The Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America two years in a row with his roofing company and yields millions of dollars in real estate.  He has also demonstrated success by achieving a multitude of awards including being a certified human behaviorist, has a degree in psychology, and as the bestselling author of Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback.

[00:01 - 02:23] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know today’s guest, Adam Buttorf
  • How Adam got into real estate
  • It’s exciting! Exploring the big world of real estate

[02:24 - 14:33] D.I.S.C. Profiles

  • Adam’s Motivation in Real Estate
  • Why it’s All About People
  • “I don't care what you know until I know how much you care.”
  • Why You Should Understand Yourself
  • Adam explains the D.I.S.C Profiles
  • The Two Basic Questions on How to Become a Chameleon

[14:34 - 23:37] Scaling a Team

  • Adam shares about scaling a team with different D.I.S.C. profiles
  • Make it a Game!
  • Why You Should Communicate
  • The Problem with Entrepreneurs
  • Why Adam chose to work with roofing and real estate

[23:38 - 26:35] Final Four Segment

  • What Adam would invest in with only $20,000 
    • Long-term rentals
  • How Adam would help in a real estate mistake
    • “Don’t think you know everything because you don’t.”
    • “Give the value you want in return.”
  • Adam’s way to make the world a better place
    • Investing in mobile home parks
  • Reach out to our guest - see links below 
  • Final words

Resources Mentioned

Tweetable Quotes

“When you invest in people and understand people, they give you huge dividends.” - Adam Buttorf

“Nothing will give you more rewarding aspects than people.” - Adam Buttorf

“Behind a great leader is a great team.” - Adam Buttorf

“It’s not just about producing income.  It’s about what kind of life you want to create.” - Adam Buttorf


Connect with Adam Buttorf through [email protected] and LinkedIn.  Visit his website and build the best team you’ll ever have.

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I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify a strategy and provide solid predictable returns.  



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